Management software for tourist properties and accommodation

With booking engine to integrate into your website

Complete solution to day-to-day tasks for your properties and villas. Reservations, contracts, billing, rooms, rates, offers and promotion codes.
We can also create your website with a booking engine
Programa Gestion Reservas Propiedades Ficha


Configure single, double and shared rooms and their rates

Property management

Inventory of villas or properties with their technical sheet and supplier data, in case that you manage accommodations from different suppliers.

Rates, offers and promo codes

A flexible system for rate definition. Seasonal rates. Launch offers and provide promo codes for your recurring customers.

Prepare your products for the web

Prepare your products for the booking engine. Upload photos, translate content and define categories.


Manage contracts and invoices from a single application

Reservation management

The whole process. From the moment the client makes the reservation until they check-out and the thank you notification is sent.

Integrated billing

Generate invoices from contracts. Email it to customers.

Electronic signature

Forget about papers. Allow customers to sign the contract from their device.


Organize the inputs and outputs. Have a workload forecast to size your team.


Visually manage reservations on a schedule.


Organize your team based on the forecast of inputs and outputs.


Keep track of the tasks for the day. Inputs, outputs.

Analysis and statistics

Get real-time information about your business with a single click

Property billing

Know how much you are billing for each property. Month to month and year to year.

Occupation, rented days and contracts

Know the number of contracts for each property, the number of days rented in the year and the % of occupation.


Know the evolution of received reservations to be able to compare it with the marketing campaigns and / or SEO tasks on your website.

Booking engine on website

Designed for tourist villas and properties, easy to integrate into an existing page.

Payment gateway

Charge your clients a down payment or the total amount when receiving a reservation.

Coupons and discounts

Create offers and retain your customers with promo codes.

Multiple languages

Available in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Catalan

We make it easy

Cloud solution

Available from any 7x24 device

No paper

Forget papers. 100% digitize your business

The support you need

We have different support plans to adapt to your needs

Your data is yours

Export all the information of the program to Excel.

Use a solution that works

A product that has been operating since 2014 and is used by more than 60 companies

Grow with us

Designed for all types of companies, from freelancers to franchises with multiple branches

Do you still have doubts?

We are at your disposal to explain how mybooking can help your company