ERP management software

Management software

Optimize the day to day of your company

The administrative tasks of your company require a lot of time and energy. Answer requests for reservations from customers, preparation and contracts, collections of advances, team planning, delivery and return process.

Save much of that work and gain the time you need for your clients

Designed for car rental, boat rental, accommodation or activity/tours companies

Programa Gestion Reservas Grupos Lista


Manage the catalog of products and stock.


Prepare the catalog of the products that you are going to sell and define the rates

Maintenance and expenses

Keep track of the maintenance performed on your inventory and record of expenses


Set alarms so that the system warns you of certain actions.


We offer three tools to help you plan your business efficiently.


View your inventory reserve forecast


Check the work forecast for the next few months


Know the tasks of your day

Reservations and contracts

Manage contracts and their life cycle from the moment the reservation is received until the end.

Manage the contract life cycle

Capture the data for each step and complete the steps from booking to completion

Collection and billing

Register the collections to keep a cash control. Generate the invoice with a single click.

Electronic signature

Streamlines delivery by allowing the customer to sign the contract from their device


Integrated billing system so that you can manage your day-to-day from one tool.

Invoice a contract easily

Generate the invoice of the contracts with a single click.

Sending invoices

Send the invoice to your client by email

Invoicing long-term contracts

Issuance of monthly invoices for long-term contracts

Cash and treasury

Manages the collection of contracts and keeps a daily cash control.

Cash journal

To keep track of the cash register day by day

List of charges

Provide the list of charges to your manager

Automatic notifications

Communication with customers automatically. Notifications to the company.

Customer notification

Automatic notification to the client when the reservation is confirmed, reminder message and thanks

Notification to the company

Notices of new reservations received, collections and updating of contract data.

Customizable templates

Customizable message templates with your text and logo.

Programa Gestion Reservas Notificaciones

Business analysis

We extract the information and present it in a way that serves as a support for decision-making.

General summary of reservations and billing

Quick view of billing and bookings by month

Billing per resource

Know the performance of each resource or category

Occupation, days and number of contracts

Know the percentage of occupation, rented days and the number of contracts for each resource or category

Commission agents and suppliers

The platform has more functionalities to allow integration with the different agents involved in the business.


Manages settlements to commission agents and affiliates


Manage communication with suppliers

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